Experience The Success of an Exclusive Private Sale



Every event starts with the invites. Our specialized design team targets the right people at the right time with the right messaging to generate stronger leads, which means more sales at your Exclusive Private Sale event.

Appointment Booking

At Exclusive Private Sale, our trainers love the phone. A typical event sees them calling 100's of your past customers (sales and service) to book appointments and confirm leads captured by our lead generation tools.

Expert Trainer

Your Exclusive Private Sale trainer will provide your staff with all the help they need. From motivation to closing skills, we hand pick each of our trainers to ensure your event goes as smooth as possible.

Sales Day

We provide a full service event with decorations, printed marketing materials, and your Exclusive Private Sale trainer. In a 2 day period, our goal is to help you sell 30-40% of your monthly sales target.


Become an Exclusive Private Sale dealership today.

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The Exclusive Private Sale Advantage

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